Stephen Sikes, Public

BTS at social-investing platform, Public

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Stephen Sikes is's, Chief Operating Officer. Our conversation took place shortly after a Reddit-fueled rally that had several major brokerages restricting certain equities. As a COO of the fast-growing brokerage, Public, Stephen discusses the behind-the-scenes decisions and conversations at Public as new customers flocked to their platform.

With that morning’s events as the backdrop, Stephen walks through the intricacies of modern brokerage companies and the regulations that exist to protect consumers. As a competitive differentiation in a hot market, Public is designed for longer-term investors who can learn from like-minded, and sometimes more experienced, investors. The mission is to educate investors on building a fundamentally sound portfolio and Stephen discusses how the product decisions help to do just that. Stephen shares the metrics he tracks as an operator and Public’s plans for the future.

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