Shiv Gaglani, Osmosis.Org

Shiv discusses online learning, healthcare, and how humans learn best

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Two years before COVID-19, Shiv Gaglani gave a talk discussing the shortage of medical professionals both in the United States and globally. By 2025, Mercer predicts that the U.S. will face shortages of 446,000 home health aides, 95,000 nursing assistants, and 98,700 medical and lab technicians. These shortages are due, in part, to the cost and time it takes to become a healthcare worker. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of the healthcare systems in different countries. Osmosis may be one part of the solution as it trains and re-trains anyone who wants to learn how to provide care in a high-quality way.

In our conversation, founder Shiv Gaglani discusses Osmosis and building an online learning platform that has built partnerships with universities and health systems across the country. Shiv discusses growth hacks, healthcare, and where he believes the industry is headed.

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