Finding Genius: Mayor Francis Suarez

Silicon Beach: The Mayor of Miami shares his thoughts on environmental tech, advice for Andrew Yang on his mayoral candidacy, and speaking with Elon Musk.

In the past six months, Miami has rapidly become the tech hub of tomorrow with startups and venture funds booking one-way tickets to the city. In this conversation, I speak with Francis Suarez who shares his narrow victory to become Mayor and his quest to make Miami a technology hub/Silicon Beach of the world. This was a plan that was 10-years in the making but COVID-19 became an accelerant for the city’s transformation.

Prior to our discussion, Suarez had spoken with Elon Musk so he shares some reflections from that conversation. As Andrew Yang rises in the polls of NYC’s mayoral election, Suarez also shares his vision for how other cities should be responding to tech communities and tax rates.

Listen in to hear how he has been integrating tech into Miami over the past decade and how he is supporting the broader community for the next ten years to come.