Kelvin Beachum, Arizona Cardinals + Angel Investor

Kelvin Beachum is an offensive lineman with the Arizona Cardinals and angel investor in WHOOP, Flexport, Future Fit, Freightwaves and more

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Prior to this conversation, Kelvin Beachum signed his 5th NFL contract with the Arizona Cardinals. Kelvin has been in the NFL for over 9-years with teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Outside of being an offensive lineman, Kelvin has established himself as a prolific angel investor, investing in companies including Flexport, WHOOP, FreightWaves, Future Fit, Porter Road, and more.

In this conversation, Kelvin walks us through the qualities of genius that he admires in founders and how those compare to the athletes he respects. He discusses how sports-tech companies should take a bottoms-up approach of selling directly to players and other strategies sports tech CEOs can learn from.