Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital

How Shakespeare, Coney Island's Cyclone, and Professor X play into Josh Wolfe's thesis development and investment experience as the co-founder of Lux Capital

Josh Wolfe is the co-founder of Lux Capital, a fund that ‘invests in emerging science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible.’ The fund is known to invest in frontier businesses that appear to be moonshots. Shortly after our conversation, Lux Capital announced $1.5B in new funds to invest in, and create new startups.

In our conversation, Josh shares how he developed a healthy dose of skepticism as a child growing up in Coney Island with modest means and surrounded by people hustling to make a living. He digs into this skepticism and how it serves him as an investor. Josh references a line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, ‘there’s daggers in men's smiles’, as a basis for how he balances a skepticism of human nature with optimism in science and technology. This optimism guides Josh’s deep research into areas of science and technology that are still nascent and in our conversation, he shares how he manages this investigative process. Josh’s venture career is driven by the power of the secret. He says there is something addicting of meeting a founder who can say, ‘I know something that you don’t know, and the rest of the world doesn’t know, and they won’t know until I tell them.’

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