Brook Porter, G2VP Partner: Lessons from Building and Investing in Climate Tech

Brook Porter is a co-founder and a partner with G2VP and was formerly a partner with Kleiner Perkins $1B Green Growth Fund. Brook has invested in companies such as Uber, DJI, and Proterra.

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Brook Porter is a General Partner with G2VP in Silicon Valley. Brook has spent his career building and investing in companies that operate at the intersection of cleantech and mobility. Prior to G2VP, Brook was a Partner at Kleiner Perkins where he led investments within their $1B Green Growth Fund and also advised Al Gore on climate tech. In our conversation, Brook shares more about his investments in Uber, DJI, Toro, Chargpoint, Proterra, Scoop, and Farmers Edge.

Brook walks us through the technological shifts that have occurred in cleantech and the long path it has taken for Silicon Valley investors to understand and appreciate this sector, led by investors such as John Doerr or Vinod Khosla. Brook began his career building companies at the intersection of cleantech and mobility and has built his investing career around the same theme.

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