Outside of my role in venture capital, I’m launching the Finding Genius video series where I’ll be speaking with smart founders and VCs in healthcare, clean energy, consumer tech, and artificial intelligence. Over time, I’ll be inviting other VCs to have conversations with some…
Insights on investing and operating through economic cycles
Walnut, the BNPL for Healthcare, raised a $110 million Series A to tackle medical debt and the high cost of healthcare in the US. Walnut Founder, Roshan…
Isabelle Kenyon is the Founder & CEO of Calibrate, a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world treats weight.
Finding Genius + Startup ROI: Alan and the digital health transformation of Europe
Rebecca Kaden, General Partner at USV, shares perspectives on healthcare, education, climate-tech, and lessons from her career as a journalist and VC
The founders of the General Catalyst, Thrive, and Coatue, backed $1b business perspectives on building Cadence, a remote care management platform
Joro links spending to carbon emissions and empowers consumers to make better choices for the environment
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